Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Heart's Filthy LessonHeart's Filthy Lesson Pose Pack

a sucking chest wound!

the idea for this came from a very cool movie called After Life which i recommend you see!

the body fx comes on the tattoo layer, with or without hand blood. and as a bonus i also made a Lola Tangos applier so busty girls can use it too!

to compliment the body fx, i have made a set of 3 poses with a sculpted heart to hold for your very own morbid valentine’s day card.

also important: New Vendor System!

i have finally gotten my hands on a more robust vendor system! slowly i am trying to get all of my vendors switched over to the new script.

what does this mean for you?
-all customers will now be able to get a credit for purchasing from the store

-members of the VIP group will be given a higher % of credit when wearing their group tag while purchasing from the store

-gift cards are coming!

-redelivery terminal is coming!

and the big one that i love:

this new vendor system can send you a folder so no more unpacking 😀 the only time you will receive a box is if someone purchases a gift for you because the vendor cannot send a folder as a gift.

if you shop at the store in the next few days, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if anything goes wrong!

also starting now, as soon as i figure out the credit system, if you purchase something from a vendor that i haven’t switched to the new format i will add credit to your account manually.


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