Url Change!

this blog is now located here: http://songbird.nimil-blackflag.net/


~SongBird~ at the Theme Park

Theme Park opens today! i’ve got 3 new items available for the spring fling theme 😀

~SongBird~ Black Tip Peeps Nailpolish

~SongBird~ White Tip Peeps Nailpolish

~SongBird~ Spring Birds

you can find the theme park here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Woodland%20Park/194/32/21

Twisted Hunt Spring 2014

the twisted hunt started this morning! ~SongBird~ is shop #98 on the list!

Hunt Prize:

~SongBird~ Arcane Consecration

arcane consecration is a full set with eyes, tattoo layers (and slink tattoo applier for hands) and posed summoning circle.


~SongBird~ Solomon's Key Eyes

4 different sigils of solomon’s key, and a rare chance at a fatpack!

www.twistedhunt.com for more info.

Nailed it!

3 new nail sets for Slink avatar enhancement nails:




SLGBT Gacha Garden

~SongBird~ is proud to be a part of the slgbt gacha garden benefiting pflag!

for my gacha price i have created some long sleeve shirts with cool glittery gradient hearts, in male and female sizes! because the gacha garden owner could only give me one vendor, both male and female versions of the price are packed in each prize box! that means not only do you get a spiffy shirt, but you can give one to your friend/lover/twin/ect!

~SongBird~ Gradient Hearts Gacha

~SongBird~ Gradient Hearts Gacha

there are lots of other awesome creators also at this gacha event so check it out!

slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sky%20High/220/23/2500

~SongBird~ at The Surreal Complex

the surreal complex opened today and ~SongBird~ is part of the event!

i have 2 new items for the event:

~SongBird~ Seer's Eyes~SongBird~ Dream Sand Pendants~SongBird~ Dream Sand Pendants

i am in the dreams section of the event, and there are lots of awesome stores involved!

you can read more about the surreal complex on their blog http://havendalesl.wordpress.com/the-surreal-complex/

the slurl for the event is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jack%20and%20Jones/207/115/1997

Inworldz Knitting Circle Hunt!

~SongBird~ Snow Touched Eyes : Inworldz Hunt Gift

~SongBird~ recently became a part of the knitting circle sim cluster on the inworldz alternative grid. this item is part of the winter hunt going on today!  this is NOT available in second life, you must make an account to visit the knitting circle sims on inworldz.

more about inworldz can be found on their website: inworldz.com