i finally conquered mesh… ok maybe not conquered but i was able to make something, rig it, and not have it explode into a million pieces when i uploaded it, so score one for me!

its a simple mini-skirt but i am pretty proud of it!

This skirt is sized to work with Standard Sizing, there is a demo in the store, so please try it before you buy it! the skirts also have the alpha textures included full perm in case you need to mod them.


~SongBird~ VIP GIFT!

Are you in the VIP group? if you’ve made a purchase at ~SongBird~ you might have noticed that you recieved a group invitation soon after. if you accepted this group invite, you are now a VIP and you get presents! there is currently a special group only version of the wild skirt in the store. just wear your group tag and click to get it!

not a member of the group yet? just buy an item, any item, from marketplace, or the inworld store, and you will get an invite!



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